G88: Rangers take middle game in Baltimore series, 5-3

German Duran, a guy who has been here for awhile, but seemingly gets overlooked when you think of the current roster makeup lead the team yesterday to a 5-3 win. Duran, batting ninth went 3-3 with two doubles and two runs scored. He wasn’t the only one with multiple hits. Michael Young went 3-5, and Ian Kinsler who continues his assult on just about everything went 2-3 with a walk, as well as two runs scored and two RBI’s. I guess if you look just at the numbers, Kinsler “led the offense”, but Duran’s 3-3 struck me as more impressive for some reason. Can’t tell you why, that’s a “gut feeling”, but perhaps it’s from a guy who may be considered “the 25th man”.
Kinsler did jack another home run, and is turning out to be the player he was lauded to be when he was coming up. He was not slated to start the All-Star game, but he really should be. Stupid Boston media bias. Pedroia is a fine player, but he’s not comparing this year to what Kinsler is doing.
Pitching wise, Scott Feldman got a start. He wasn’t supposed to start, but got the call at the last minute. Pitched OK. Technically a quality start, but barely. Six innings pitched, three earned runs, four walks though (too many). He was OK enough to get the win. He deserves that, considering how many he pitched well enough to win he got no run support. The pen was great, not allowing any runs.
Baltimore isn’t even drawing 20,000 on a Saturday game. Man have their fortunes fallen. They were a 40k+ per night draw for a long time. Shall we blame it on the owner? :)