G86: Rangers beat Ponson, but not Yanks – lose big 18-7

Per my policy, I don’t write about Rangers losses to the Yankees.
Although I will say it was somewhat gratifying to beat Ponson, even if we didn’t beat the Yankees.


  1. Kris says

    Does anyone else hate ESPN. Rangers take 2 out of 3…nothing. Arod passes Foxx, big deal. It was bound to happen. When are the Rangers going to get the notoriety they deserve? Should I boycott ESPN? Frustration…

  2. Infochick says

    About a month ago, I had enough of the local media keeping the Rangers’ game results as a bit to end the Sports segment on. I was tired of it. Tired of hearing “yes, flaming monkey tossing is great stuff. Oh, and Rangers beat the (insert team of choice here) 3-2”. So, I wrote an e-mail to the Sports Director of our local NBC affiliate (KXAN – NBC Austin, TX). Explained to him that for years on end, the Rangers have never gotten the media respect or coverage that the Astros or the Round Rock Express have gotten (Yeah.. i know – “but theyre local”). So, I said that we, the devoted members of the Texas Ranger Nation that live in the Austin/Round Rock area, would like to see more news about the Rangers, that while we realize they may not be newsworthy, that we are long-suffering fans that proudly wear our royal blue hats around this town, and we would like the same coverage. Shortly thereafter, they start putting in more coverage. Of course, it helps that Josh Hamilton and the guys are routinely BLASTING home runs, so it makes for good journalism.
    This is one reason why I don’t watch ESPN. They are “sporting elitists”. They HATE Texas teams. From days watching the Texas Longhorns play football on ESPN to watching coverage of yesterday’s Rangers game, they NEVER have anything good to say about ANYTHING from Texas. I can confidently say that ESPN HATES TEXAS. I triple-dog dare them to prove me wrong.