G84: Rangers outpitch Yankees, win game 2-1

A lot was made about the fact that Arod tied Jimmie Foxx for 14th on the all time home run list at 534. But what I found far more amazing was the fact that Jason Giambi got a triple in this game! If ever there was a time to use Chris Berman’s NFL quote of “Rumblin, Bumblin, Stumblin…”, that was it. Speaking of Giambi, when did the Yankees allow facial hair again? I thought that was verboten with them. As long as I’m at it, Giambi’s ‘stache looked sillier than the promo pictures for Ramon Vazquez & Frank Catalanotto for 2008. :)
The Yankees only got four hits total this game. That’s the story of this one. The Yankees’ offense was shut down. Of the four hits, it was for the cycle, amusingly enough. There was a single by Benji Molina, a double by Jorge Posada, the triple by Jason Giambi, and a home run by Arod. Arod’s home run was pretty titanic, it cleared Monument Park – quite a shot. That was Feldman’s only mistake of the night, but to a guy who should be the eventual home run king is nothing to feel too bad about.
The Rangers didn’t exactly tear it up offensively, either. They had just seven hits, and Michael Young had three of those. Two of Young’s three hits were doubles. In fact, four of our seven hits were doubles. Our first run scored on a Josh Hamilton single to right, which scored Ian Kinsler. That gave Josh his 80th RBI of the season. Our second run, and the winning run was plated by Chris Davis, the second game in a row where he did that. Davis’ RBI was on a double to deep right field.
Nice caught stealing by Saltamacchia, throwing from his knees. His defense has looked better since Laird got hurt. If Salty keeps improving, one might think Laird would have a bit of deja-vu. That would be the second time he could conceivably lose his starting job when someone else came in and played great while he was on the DL.
Bit of bad news for Eddie Guardado. He had to leave the game after not throwing a pitch at all. He appeared to get hurt during his warmup tosses in the eighth inning.
It was nice to see Scott Feldman get a win – he should have many more. We continue to not score runs for him, but this time at least we managed to keep the other team off the board.
We finally got to two games over .500. Seems like such a “lofty goal” that we reached, even if it is just two games over .500 – know what I mean?
Anyone else want to see Chris Davis stay at first base for good, and pretty much be done with Catalanotto, and forget about this idea of Blalock being a first baseman? I don’t think Hank is back in 2009 anyway.


  1. Mr. Dee Fisch says

    Facial hair? Did they ever do away with that entirely? I thought the idea was that you just couldn’t go out with long hair and an unkempt moustache, as Randy Johnson got a haircut and trimmed HIS moustache when he arrived in New York (and attacked a cameraman in news that doesn’t follow him like the stunt that Kenny Rogers pulled :).