G82: Rangers lose tight one to Phillies, 8-6

This was the pitching duel I wanted to see. Vicente Padilla vs Cole Hamels. Both are pitching pretty good this season. Funny thing is, it’s not what we got. Hamels was better than Padilla was, but wasn’t outstanding himself.
Cole Hamels went seven innings, giving up six hits and two walks. This for a total of four runs, although he did strike out eight. Hamels was more streaky, as he gave up two runs in the first, then nothing for awhile, and the other two in the fifth. He seemed to dominate better than Padilla did (or did not as the case may be).
Vicente Padilla gave up more. In his six innings, he gave up seven hits and three walks. Seven earned runs. He wasn’t helped by the long ball – two of which he gave up. Both home runs were from guys you’d expect that from. Chase Utley & Ryan Howard. But Padilla was not the same guy who we’ve seen this year. Whether it was facing his former club, or the heat, or he was just “off” tonight, it wasn’t the real good Padilla we’ve been seeing in 2008.
Offensively, Michael Young did something he hasn’t done a ton of the last two seasons, hit a home run. He had a two run shot in the first inning, which was his seventh of the season. Kinsler & Young definitely had their sticks going – both went 3-5 this game. The rest of the offense was scattered amongst the lineup – Kinsler/Young were by far the standouts.
We did make some noise late when we tried to catch up – we scored a few in the bottom of the 8th against Chad Durbin, but couldn’t tie it up there. In the bottom of the ninth, the Phils brought on their closer Brad Lidge, who has returned to the lights out closer he used to be in his early days in Houston. Even then, we got a couple guys on, which brought up both Josh Hamilton & Milton Bradley. Both had the chance to win the game with a walk off home run – which I think everyone was hoping for. Didn’t happen. Lidge struck them both out.
Great defensive moment when Jimmy Rollins was gunned out at home plate trying to get an inside the park home run. Watching the play develop, I thought it was a no doubter, but then the throw came in better than I thought, and Rollins was nabbed on the hand – had he slid in with his hands down, he would have scored, actually.
This was a really good game. I was there, didn’t care for the rain, but the game itself was a good one – while the Rangers only led briefly in the bottom of the first, it had that “back and forth” feel to it. Enjoyed this one.
It rained almost the whole game. Started in like the second inning, and had various degrees of intensity through the rest of the game, but it never stopped. Praise be to God that it stopped when the game was over, so we didn’t get soaked going to the car, and more importantly that nobody had to deal with the rain in the crush of cars leaving the park.
Also, a random comment. If you’re going to take your kids to the game and teach them about baseball, that’s great. Don’t also teach them things like “Hey, dumbass – that wasn’t a strike!” There was a moron sitting behind my brother and I who was doing that. Loved he was teaching his kids the game. Didn’t love he was teaching his kids the ugly side of being a fan, too. Do you really want your kids growing up like Craig Bueno? Come on, don’t do stupid stuff like that.