G105: Texas still can’t sweep; we lose finale to A’s, 6-5

As much as Saturday’s game was led by the longball for the Rangers win, Sunday’s game was led by the longball for the Rangers loss.
We did manage to start the game with a lead, going up 1-0 in the first inning on a Milton Bradley double.
Eric Hurley started the game for the Rangers, and ran into immediate problems. Jack Cust got Hurley for a two run shot in the first inning. Hurley got out of the inning without any more damage, but was tagged again in the second. A’s catcher Curt Suzuki jacked a three run home run, and combined with another run the A’s plated that frame, put them up 6-1 at that point. At that point I got digusted and took my daughter out for a ride around town after getting some ice cream. My wife needed a little bit of alone time, so we went out for a ride. While I was out, I had the scoreboard on my XM display, and saw the Rangers moving back in the top of the fifth.
When we eventually got back home, I flipped on the top of the fifth, and it was nice to see the Rangers make a game out of it. The big shot in this inning was a bases clearing double by Hank Blalock.
But outside of our four run top of the fifth, it actually was a pretty well pitched game. Rangers only scored in two innings, as did the A’s. The rest of the game was zeroes.
Really odd that we still can’t seal the deal on a series sweep.