All Star Game

First off, that is who I am voting for in the Final Vote. It’s who I suggest you vote for as well. Evan Longoria because he’s having a heck of a year, and he’s NOT from Boston or New York. Pat Burrell because well, I’m from Philly. :) A bit of a homer reason, but he’s not undeserving.
As for the rest of the All Star team. Of the guys who got elected, here is who I was voting for.
AL C – Joe Mauer
AL 1B – Kevin Youkilis
AL 3B – Alex Rodriguez
AL OF – Josh Hamilton
AL OF – Milton Bradley (OK, he’s technically a reserve, but he’s starting for Ortiz at DH)
AL OF – Ichiro Suzuki
NL C – Geovanny Soto
NL 2B – Chase Utley
NL 3B – Chipper Jones
AL OF – Alfonso Soriano
That’s it for the starters. A higher percentage in the AL over the NL, but I admit, I see more AL games than NL games, so that’s not terribly surprising. Of the reserves, I voted for these guys.
AL 2B – Ian Kinsler
AL SS – Michael Young
NL 1B – Albert Pujols
NL OF – Nate McClouth
I have a feeling the pregame for this will be something special. In my memory the best pregame they had was 1999 in Boston. That ceremony that ended with Ted Williams (sponsored hat notwithstanding), it was perhaps the single best one I can recall. I read somewhere that the one in Yankee Stadium will be even more impressive. They’ve apparently invited every living hall of fame member to be there. If they all show up – holy crap. That will be seriously impressive. Then there is Pete Rose. Makes you wonder if they’ll do anything with him, as he’s been brought out a few times here and there at huge gatherings like this.
The Home Run Derby, which has become boring for me the last few years might hold interest. While the roster hasn’t been finalized, Josh Hamilton will be there, as will Chase Utley, so I’m for those guys. Thing is there’s so much BS that I have to watch the Home Run Derby on TiVo so I can skip the completely USELESS interviews they have with the players immediately after they come away from the plate. I mean, these are TOTALLY POINTLESS. “How did you feel up there?” Well duh – I tried to hit the ball, what do you think, you bimbo interviewer? So thank God for TiVo so you can watch all the good bits in about 45 minutes total.
The one thing I’ve seen getting some press in the last few days is this idea. Mariano Rivera should start the game for the AL. Given who he is to the Yankees, the fact it’s in the last year of Yankee Stadium.. I’m really all for the idea of starting the game with Mariano Rivera. It would be really cool.