G79: Rangers win nailbiter over Astros, 3-2

I’m still pretty tied down with work, and since I wanted to get this done before the next game starts, I’m going to have to resort to something quick.
1) Scott Feldman can’t catch a break. On a game he doesn’t pitch terribly well, the team goes on to win a low scoring game. They can’t score for him when he pitches great. Go figure.
2) CJ Wilson really feels like John Wetteland in that he gives you a heart attack before getting the save.
3) Welcome Max Ramirez! Not only did he get his first major league hit in the game, he then went on to get his first home run, a two run shot that turned out to be the game winner. That was really nice to see!
Tonight is the rubber game for the series, and for the overall Silver Boot. I should have some time to write about that one tomorrow.