G74: Rangers walk off with 5-4 win, but didn’t have to

The Rangers won in a thrilling fashion. Most everyone loves walk off wins in the bottom of the ninth. However, this is one I wished we didn’t have to get to.
First off, Scott Feldman continues to be the most unlucky pitcher on our staff in 2008. He left the game again with a lead. I don’t have a count in front of me of how many games he’s had blown for him by the pen, but it’s quite a few. His record is 1-3, and has started nine games this year. He’d probably have a winning record by more than a few games if the pen could hold a lead. It’s probably why we continue to be a .500 team.
Which brings me to another point. CJ Wilson is having a major rough stretch right now. He’s either blown saves, or just given up runs when he’s been brought in for non save opportunities. If he doesn’t get it together soon, I wonder if Ron Washington will go to someone else, like Guardado or Wright for saves? I have CJ Wilson on several fantasy teams, I wonder if I need to make some moves there.
Speaking of Guardado, how about that fifteen pitch at bat to his first batter? That’s a heck of a lot. I remember when I was a kid, a guy by the name of Jay Johnstone for the Phillies had a 21 pitch at bat. But 15 is a heck of a lot of pitches. Good thing Eddie came through with a called third strike there.
Offensively, the big blast was a three run home run by Brandon Boggs in the sixth inning. That was to Atlanta reliever Jeff Ridgeway, who was the first of six relievers Bobby Cox used. In fact, of those relievers, only one pitched more than .2 of an inning! Anyway, Boggs’ blast gave us a 4-2 lead at the time, and the game was actually feeling like it was one we were going to win – something we’ve had trouble with in the daytime this year.
Jarrod Salatamacchia continues to show that Gerald Laird is by far the better catcher on this team for now. Yeah, Jarrod is supposed to have a higher “potential” than Laird, but Laird is doing well now. Makes you wonder if perhaps Salty will get moved in July and bring up someone like Max Ramirez to be Laird’s backup.
Anyway, nice to get a win.