G69: Rangers shut down by Oliver Perez, lose 7-1

The Rangers were a good example of good pitching vs good hitting. For seven innings, the Rangers were shut down by Oliver Perez and the Mets. He allowed just three hits, while striking out eight. The only two blemishes were a solo home run by Josh Hamilton in the first inning, a single by (of all people) Scott Feldman, and another single by Hamilton later in the game. That was IT! The Rangers had nothing going all night, our swings looked bad – Perez was on. Not a lot you can do against that.
Feldman looked OK for awhile, giving up three runs in the first five. But he ran out of gas (or the wheels fell off, or any other euphemism you want to put here) in the sixth, and allowed four more runs. In all, Scott allowed six earned runs, and one unearned run. Josh Rupe and Robinson Tejeda finished up the last three innings, giving up nothing, but the damage was done.
This was Oliver Perez’ game. Not much more to say about this one.