Shrek is gone again

Oh well, so much for that experiment. In a second tour of duty that rivaled the brief third tour of duty for Rick Helling in 2004, Kevin Mench was traded today.
The Rangers sent Shrek to the Toronto Blue Jays for “cash considerations”. Basically, “Dude, you’re not good enough for a player, so here’s some cash the team doesn’t really need”. In all fairness, Kevin wasn’t really tearing it up, and there are so many more possibilities in the outfield right now that he didn’t have a realistic shot to make it back to Arlington with the big league club.
In other Toronto outfield news, they signed Brad Wilkkkkkkerson today to a contract. I’m not entirely sure how this works contractually. Wilkerson was DFA’ed by the Mariners on April 30th. I never saw a followup saying he was actually released as such. Today, the Jays said he was signed as a free agent, which implies he was released. Assuming that’s the case, I don’t know what he gets as salary. If anyone knows better, please let me know. He was owed $3 Million from the M’s, so he’s still due the proated for that. Not sure how that impacts any Toronto salary.
I liked both of these guys (even if Wilkkkkerson was a disappointment here). However, for Toronto to get both of these guys at once, they must be hurting for OF depth.