G49: Rangers take it in 10; beat Twins 8-7

Thursday afternoon’s game is the third game in a row I didn’t see or hear the majority of. I was at a movie theatre when this game was going on, actually. The boss at my office took all of us (about 25-30 guys) out to see the new Indiana Jones movie – on the company’s dime. So yeah, that took precedence. BTW, the new Indy flick was pretty decent. It wasn’t totally spectacular.
As the game was a day game, I couldn’t come back and watch on TiVo. I got back from the movie in the bottom of the ninth, when it was already tied 7-7. Since I was at work, I was in and out of my office like I usually was, and one time when I was walking out of my office, I heard Victor Rojas get all excited, so I peeked my head back in, and heard the home run call on Hamilton in the 10th to win the game. That was cool to hear, and was the only actual “moment” of this game I got to hear for myself.
Vicente Padilla was less like the lights out guy he’s been recently, but wasn’t all that bad, really. Five innings, three runs, seven hits. The pen was shaky this game, which is why Minnesota got back into the thing.
David Murphy got his 18th double of the season, Hamilton’s home run was his 12th. Josh had two RBI’s this game, giving him 53 for the season. Josh has six more RBI’s in 2008 than he had all of 2007. That’s 101 less at bats and 21 less hits, too. Some serious numbers for the first two months so far!
Go see the new Indy movie. The fact that Harrison Ford was like 64 when he filmed it didn’t really detract for me. I enjoyed it.