G47: 7 run inning by Twins dooms Rangers; we lose big, 11-4

I didn’t actually see this game, and as I sit down to write about it three days later, you know it’s going to be a box score only write up. Which usually means short. But since I skipped the last few games before this one, I wanted to say something, at least.
Doug Mathis was making his major league debut as a starter for the Texas Rangers this game. Normally when a pitcher has this kind of line, I’ll say something like he stunk up the joint, or left a steaming pile of stink on the pitcher’s mound. Can’t do that to a rook like that on his first start, so I’ll just say he was knocked around. Mathis went 2.1 innings, giving up eight hits and four walks. That resulted in nine runs (three were unearned). Even if you took away the unearned runs, it was a rather inglorious start to one’s major league starting pitching career. Well, OK, maybe not really inglorious (that could be harsh), but it was’t good, no matter how one might try and spin it.
Esteban German followed, and was pretty decent, going 3.2 innings, and allowing just two hits – no runs. Can’t argue with that.
Josh Rupe finished the game from here, allowing three hits and the final two runs. Not having seen or heard the game, it’s hard to judge whether this was just bad pitching, or bad luck.
Offensively, the Rangers had eleven hits. All singles. Kinsler, Hamilton, & German Duran had two each. Everyone else had one, except Chris Shelton, who was the only ofer for the night.
But the big bomb was the third inning, when we gave up a seven spot. I’ll just paste the game log for that half inning. It was fairly ugly.

Twins 3rd (Twins 9, Rangers 0) — A. Casilla singles to center field. J. Mauer singles through the hole at shortstop, A. Casilla to 3rd. J. Morneau singles to right-center field, A. Casilla scores; J. Mauer to 2nd. M. Cuddyer doubles to right field, J. Mauer scores; J. Morneau to 3rd. J. Kubel walks. D. Young reaches on force attempt, fielding error by I. Kinsler, J. Morneau scores; M. Cuddyer to 3rd; J. Kubel to 2nd. M. Lamb singles through the hole at shortstop, M. Cuddyer scores; J. Kubel to 3rd; D. Young to 2nd. A. Everett grounds into a force out, M. Young to I. Kinsler, J. Kubel scores; D. Young to 3rd; M. Lamb out at 2nd. C. Gomez walks, A. Everett to 2nd. Pitcher Change: F. German replaces D. Mathis. A. Casilla walks, D. Young scores; A. Everett to 3rd; C. Gomez to 2nd. J. Mauer out on a sacrifice fly to M. Byrd, A. Everett scores. J. Morneau flies out to M. Byrd. (7 Runs, 5 Hits, 1 Errors, 2 LOB)