G39: Rangers lose win streak with big 12-6 defeat

Well, first off, I didn’t see most of this game. I spent the day with my family, and with it being Mother’s day, I saw just part of the early bits of the game before we headed out to do the family thing in the afternoon.
What I saw was the Sidney Ponson that has existed for the last few years make a reappearance. The one we’ve had up until this point has been really great. The one we got on Mother’s Day 2008 was well, “Sidney Ponson”. He actually stuck around the game for awhile (5.1 innings), but he gave up seven hits and five walks. That was pretty indicitave of the entire Rangers pitching staff, actually. Ponson was followed by Esteban German (0.2IP, 3H, 2R), Jamey Wright (2IP, 1H, 1R, 1BB), and Eddie Guardado (1IP, 2H, 3R, 2BB). None of our guys did particularly well this day.
Rich Harden came off the DL for Oakland, and proceeded to stink up the joint about as badly as Ponson did – worse if you look at the line. 3.2 innings, eight hits, four walks, and 5 runs. Not good.
Since I didn’t see much else of this game, I’ll pass on going into a lot more detail. Check out the MLB.com Recap I link to here, there’s plenty of detail, plus some video.