G38: Rangers win 5th in a row, Millwood hurt

On Saturday evening, the Rangers went to extend their winning streak, but in the first inning, we got something that kind of made it not much matter. After just two thirds of an inning, Kevin Millwood came up lame after a pitch, and had to be removed from the game. The injury was later described as “mild strain of the right groin muscle”. It turns out it wasn’t so “mild”, as Kevin ended up on the disabled list over this. This now leaves just Vicente Padilla as still in the rotation from the original opening day starting rotation. Blech.
Josh Rupe followed Kevin, and threw three innings. He wasn’t sharp, gave up five hits and two walks. Fortunately, he just gave up one earned run in all that, with one unearned. Josh ended up with the win, but the next reliever had quite the dominant outing. Frank Francisco threw 2.1 innings, gave up just one hit. More importantly he faced eight batters. Struck out five of them. Guardado & Benoit followed up, keeping zeroes on the scoreboard. CJ Wilson finished up, although was not very good, giving up two runs in his one inning.
Offensively, we were driven by positions 1 through 4 in the lineup. All but one of our hits came from the first four spots in the lineup. Ian Kinsler, Michael Young, and Milton Bradley each had two hits. Josh Hamilton had three. Milton Bradley had a home run and a double. Josh Hamilton and the non 1-4 hit (which was by Duran) were also doubles.
We did lose our scoreless innings streak in this game too, but the more important part of this is that we won the game, bringing us back to just two games under .500.