G3: Rangers lose longball contest to M’s, 4-1

There were five runs scored this game. All of them were a direct result of the longball.
1) Jose Vidro’s solo shot on the second inning off Jason Jennings.
2) Jose Lopez’ three run shot in the fifth off of Jason Jennings.
3) Ben Broussard’s solo shot in the sixth off of Carlos Silva.
That was the major offense. The Rangers were kept pretty darned quiet. Other than that home run, we had merely just two hits. Those were both doubles. One by Milton Bradley and the other by Ian Kinsler. It was definitely a night where we had nothing going.
Thing is, Jason Jennings wasn’t all that bad, either. The two home runs were about the worst thing he did. Five innings, five hits, two walks, and four earned runs. Take away the longballs, and he did what Padilla did. Pitch “meh”, but with enough to get out of jams.
Jamey Wright followed Jason with three scoreless innings. Did his job. But unfortunately we couldn’t get anything going all night, and that was pretty much it for this one.