G25: Rangers one game winning streak is over; lose 12-6

Our huge one game winning streak is over, having been thrashed by the Twins 12-6 on Saturday night. To be honest, I wasn’t filled with confidence when the game started. That’s mostly because of who was starting for us. Sidney Ponson. I’m thinking – GREAT. It’s April 26th, and we’re already using guys to start games for us that are now journeymen trying to resurrect a career, and if they don’t make it here, they’re done. I have issues with that for two reasons. First, that we’re using guys like Ponson, and second that we’re considered the last line. Can’t make it in Texas? Well, you’re done then. That’s fairly annoying.
So anyway, Sir Sidney Ponson took the hill for the Rangers. Didn’t look too bad early on, actually. His pitches had a lot of movement on them, and actually looked decent. His line is actually pretty good too, so he’ll probably stay in rotation for awhile, now with Brandon McInjury going to be out for awhile. Ponson’s line was 5.1 innings, seven hits, one walk, and five runs, although only ONE was earned. Finished with an ERA of 1.69 for his work.
Yeah, four unearned runs. That’s thanks to more errors by the Rangers. In all we had THREE errors (plus a passed ball by Saltamacchia). One of the errors was by Ponson himself, the others by Ramon Vazquez, and one by Michael Young. The one by Vazquez was one I saw happen, and it was just “Come one dude, you can make THAT”. The fielding does seem extremely sloppy this season.
Of course when the team gives up sixteen hits and twelve runs, there’s not going to be much in the way of great pitching lines. In fact, only Franklyn German gave up a donut, and he went just 0.2 innings. Blech.
Offensively, we had twelve hits. All were singles except one double by Josh Hamilton, who seems to be going to left field an awful lot. David Murphy was 2-5 with three RBI’s, and is turning into quite a steal from Boston last year. Josh Hamilton was 3-4, and Ian Kinsler was 2-5. Not much power, and we did have a decent number of hits, and of course, we left a dozen men on base.
Ron Washington looked fairly blah in what little of the post game interview I saw. Looked pretty flat. Whether it’s a product of the team just being bad, or everyone (except me) seemingly calling for his head, I don’t know, but the team does seem fairly lifeless now.