G14: Rangers lose again, 7-4 – drop to 5-9 overall

I know it’s way too early for this kind of serious depression about my baseball team, but after listening today, all I can think of is the picture below. It feels that way for some reason.
Also, anyone listening to the game catch the irritation in Victor Rojas’ voice? He was (as was everyone) astounded at the play that left Marlon Byrd at third when he should have scored, putting the runner behind him into a rundown and an out. But when they went to commercial, Rojas sounded positively disgusted. Reminded me of the time that Tom Grieve swore at Hideki Irabu a few years back when his mike was not closed like he thought it was.
Anyway, tell me if you think this picture is how you feel at the moment.


  1. Kurt Cockran says

    In for another long season…
    It’ll get better, it’ll get better. Whether it’s next year or in the next 5 years is to be determined.
    At least we have our random exciting games to look forward to like oh, I don’t know…30 runs like last year or around 12 home runs vs. Houston a couple years back.

  2. Kris says

    I was able to see that game yesterday. I have no idea what Byrd was thinking. He was being waved in, but slowed down. By then, it was too late to send Murphy back, the ball was in the infield and two runners were on third. You could see the anguish in Marlon’s eyes after the run down. When will these mental errors stop?