G13: Rangers drop fourth in a row with 7-4 loss to Angels

The feel good feeling of the first time through the rotation in the 2008 season is gone, replaced by a sinking feeling when you see how sloppy we’re playing in the field, and how inept we are with runners in scoring position. The play from the other day when Byrd led off with a triple, and was stranded there is still particularly annoying.
Last night’s game had yet another error for the pile for the 2008 Rangers. Where the heck is all this coming from? We were a much better fielding team than this the last few years. Our general core of players is the same, so why are we fielding like the Bad News Bears? No, I don’t want to hear it from Randy Galloway, either. Yeah, platitudes like “it will come around” are heard about now, but I don’t want to hear that EITHER. I want them to be fielding like they should be – RIGHT NOW.
I think Jason Jennings thought he was wearing an Astros uniform last night, as he certainly pitched like the 2007 vintage. BAD! 4.2 innings, seven hits, four walks, seven runs (six earned). With performances like that no wonder our attendance last night was 16,541. When the game started, I noticed the TV coverage is not showing a lot of shots of the park anymore. I wonder if that’s intentional – because the one shot we saw of the upper deck taken from a camera on Green’s Hill showed an almost empty upper deck five minutes before the start of the game. It was quite embarrassing.
Positives were Hank Blalock’s home run – that looked really good. Milton Bradley has definitely changed my mind about his signing – he’s doing very well getting on base. Our bullpen was pretty good – 4.1 innings of shutout ball.
But Good Lord man, we’re playing like crap at the moment. I’m already at the point where I’m skipping large sections of the game via TiVo, because it’s painful to sit through all the pitches watching the team.
NOT a good feeling to have on April 15th.