G11: Defense & Halladay add up to not much of a chance

There’s two things that pretty much will guarantee that you’re not going to win a game. The first is when a Cy Young caliber pitcher is on the mound against you, pitching like he’s Cy Young. Most teams don’t have a chance. The other is your own shoddy defense. If you put the two of them together, forget it. You don’t have a chance.
Roy Halladay, when he’s on, is a pitcher that will keep anyone down. He’s an extremely great pitcher, and one shudders to think what he would be like record wise had he been on a team that was better than the Jays have been the last half a dozen years or so. That’s the kind of the guy that was wearing the Toronto uniform with the number 32 on the back. Halladay threw a complete game against the Rangers. As has been talked about a lot of places, that’s a dying thing, but Halladay has led the league in that stat the last few years, so it shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Through eight he was almost totally untouchable, allowing just four hits and a big fat donut in the runs column. In the ninth, the Rangers finally broke through with a Hamilton single, and then a Byrd double for our only run, but even that feels like it didn’t happen.
Luis Mendoza was activated from the DL and pitched pretty decently. If you look at his earned line, it was five innings, eight hits, one run, and three walks. OK, eight hits & three walks might not be great, but in the “where it counts” department, he gave up just one unearned run. Unfortunately, he gave up four runs in all, and that’s where the defense came in. Making yet another error (do we lead the league in that? Seems that way), Hank Blalock’s fielding error paved the way for three unearned runs in the fourth, pretty much handing the game to Toronto what with the way Halladay was pitching. Mendoza took the loss, but helped out the starting staff’s ERA, as his ERA is now 1.80.
There’s very little to write about offensively by the Rangers. We had just six hits in all. Other than the run in the ninth, the best thing is probably Marlon Byrd, who went 2-4 and getting the lone RBI of the game. Byrd’s been horrendous offensively so far this season, and his 2-4 raised his batting average to .130. Hopefully he’s broken out of the slump, and can get going. Can never have enough runs.
Anyone else concerned at how BAD Catalanotto has been offensively since returning to the Rangers for this go around? I always liked Cat, but good Lord – two years in a row when his batting average is so far down there that the Mendoza Line looks like something worthy of hall of fame induction by comparison.


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    Watching the sTRangers lay down and die against Roy Halliday on Saturday, I came to the conclusion that Frank Catalanotto has to go.
    Late in the game, David Murhpy hit a chopper down the first base line that Lyle Overbay (Toronto 1B) clearly missed the tag; however, none of the officials had a clear enough view to say the tag was missied. Umpires are trained to call 27 outs then they can go home for the night. This was an opportunity they didn’t overlook.
    But, the next batter up, Frank Catalanotto (who couldn’t hit the ground if he fell off the backstop anymore) bunted toward first. The pitcher ran into the baseline to grab the ball and tagged Frank (who dodged around him) out.
    …1) Halliday is dominating the sTRangers’ hitters.
    …2) The sTRangers NEED to get Roy out of the game.
    …3) He’s standing right there, bending over to pick up the ball!
    There are a lot of really great players (HoFers such as Curt Flood, Micky Mantle, Ty Cobb, Stan Musial, Jimmy Fox, even nice guys like Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio and pitchers like Bob Gibson, Sandy Koufax and Whitey Ford – you know… guys that wanted desperately to WIN THE DAMN BALLGAME) who would have, at the very least, made Roy prove he could hold onto the ball and get a clean tag, earning the Out.
    But, these aren’t the Yankees, Tigers or Cardinals — they’re the sTRangers. And, they’re just too damn nice and winning probably won’t make their paycheck any better. They’ll just do their “job” and hit the links when they’re done. Hey! Wouldn’t want the uni guy to have to wash anything, would we?
    …and, we REALLY don’t want Cat roaming the OF anymore, do we?