ST8: Rangers lose to Brewers, 12-6

This game from last Wednesday can be summed up in one word. Sloppy. The two teams combined for four errors and twenty seven hits for a total of eighteen runs. Not good. Fitting this mess happened on a day that my wife and I formally lost our second baby.
Ramon Vazquez had a good day for the Rangers, going 3-3 and scoring a run. Jason Ellison also went 2-2 and scored both times. Travis Metcalf had a solo home run, and Nate Gold drove in two runs. This was a day for singles, because of the fourteen Ranger hits only one was not a single (Metcalf’s HR). Overall, the hits were pretty spread out, there were a total of eleven different Rangers who had one.
Pitching wise, Matt Harrison had six hits and a walk in his 2.1 innings of work. Gave up five runs, but only three earned. Jonnny Poveda followed that with a stink job that was way up there on the Stink-O’-Meter. Only had one third of an inning pitched, and gave up three hits, three walks, and FOUR earned runs. Bleargh. Even Mark Clark wasn’t that bad. Speaking of sloppy, later on Jason Davis gave up three runs, but only one was earned. Of course we had five other pitchers who threw for Texas who didn’t give up any, but these numbers above are fairly sloppy.
A couple of former Rangers had decent days, too. Gabe Kapler went 1-2 with an RBI sac fly, as well as scoring a run, and another RBI as well. Laynce Nix, went 2-2 with a run scored and an RBI. Both of these guys are in camp with the Brewers on NRI’s – my guess is that neither breaks camp. Kapler was in attempting a comeback after having been out of ball for a short time – I wonder if he’ll play the minor league bounce around game, or go back to being a manager in the minors for the Red Sox.