ST28: Rangers club Padres, 12-7

Josh Hamilton continues to be the story of the spring. He went 2-5 today with a double and a home run. Two RBI’s, scored twice. Great day. I know it’s spring, and I know I’ve been let down by too many players wearing the Texas uniform, but dammit, it’s hard not to get excited about him. if he can stay healthy.. Man, will that be an awesome move, even if Edinson Volquez stays in the Reds lineup and does well.
Games that have nineteen runs scored usually mean one thing. Not a lot of good pitching. Funny thing is, if you go down the list of San Diego pitchers, four of the seven of them didn’t give up any. However, the other three did, and two of them alone combined for ten of the twelve runs. I find it odd that one of them was Jake Peavy. Jake gave up four earned runs in three innings, making his spring ERA 9.39. Bleargh!
On the other side, Vicente Pidente joined Peavy on the “Bleargh Train” by putting up some stink worthy numbers of his own. Six innings, ten hits, one walk, five earned runs.
Some other highlights from this one were doubles by Mike Young & Ben Broussard (who certainly seems to have picked it up lately), a stolen base by Gerald Laird, and a 3-5 day by Michael Young. (Yeah, I know he’s in that list twice).
This was a National League game, so the box score has about 8 guys in the 9 hole. Getting ready to write some of these about real games. Almost done.


  1. Kurt Cockran says

    Tonight all the players are being “sent down to Oklahoma”. Haha, even though Oklahoma is actually north. I always get a kick out of that when I hear someone being sent down to Oklahoma.
    This exhibition game tonight is actually a fairly big deal. Billboards have been up for awhile and tickets are hard to come by. Oklahoma really loves the Redhawks but it’s exciting to have the whole team come up this time. Bricktown (OKC’s downtown riverwalk/entertainment district) is a GREAT place for baseball.