ST27: Rangers beat Mariners late, 5-1

Last night the Rangers were on the radio. I was listening to our guys call the game while I was doing dishes in the kitchen. Exciting stuff, but you need something to do, eh?
Offensively, this game was clearly led by Hank Blalock. Hammer went 4-4 with three RBI’s, and a run scored. The big moment was a two run home run in the first inning. Ian Kinsler and Frank Calanotto both had two hits each (one of Ian’s was a double). The interesting thing about this game is there was only one other hit the entire game by the Rangers that was NOT off the bat of Blalock, Kinsler, or Catalanotto. That was Milton Bradley. Bradley tripled in the first inning, and from the sounds of it, stumbled a bit coming around second but still made it.
The Rangers ran out there what could be considered a regular season lineup. Everyone but Catalanotto (the DH) was subbed out at some point. So that was 17 different Rangers hitters. Only four of them got hits. While we had enough to win, it bothers me it was so bunched up. A win is a win – and I know that. But you like to see more balanced attacks. I know I do.
The Rangers were hiding their regular starters, as we’ll see Seattle in a week. So this was a game of relievers. Kaz Fukumori started the game, and threw two scoreless innings. In fact, his spring ERA is zero – very impressive. Kam Loe followed Kaz, and gave up the only run Seattle got (as well as three of the five overall hits). Loe seems like he will end up in AAA (to me), and while his outing today wasn’t great, some of the other moves we heard about seem to imply that Kam and his snake will be headed for Oklahoma City. The other three relievers that took the mound for Texas were Franklyn German (who made the club), Josh Rupe (probably not), & Wes Littleton (not sure, probably not). All pitched scoreless frames. Our pitching staff, what that it is, seems to be coming together.
As much as I seem to be dumping on Kam Loe, make no mistake, I like the guy, but you have to go with what you see. He did contribute to a really great pitching performance as a team. Rangers pitchers combined went nine innings, allowing just one earned run on five hits. Too many walks though (five), and not enough strikeouts (four). But you can’t argue with the bottom line in this game.
We did get to Miguel Batista, who at one point I thought would be great, but now seems to be a “meh” pitcher. Still tosses well against Texas though, although this time he did not. Five innings, six hits, three walks, three k’s, and four earned runs.