ST25: Rangers win again; beat Giants 5-2

Sunday was the second of the two televised spring training games. Unlike Saturday’s game, I did get to see this one – well, most of it. I was again doing some church stuff (it was Resurrection Sunday after all), so I didn’t get to see it until late. Which means I sometimes fall asleep on it if I don’t get to start watching until after 10PM like I did this one.
Still, it was nice to see the Rangers play well. Granted, it is the Giants, who probably won’t threaten a team made up of current and former Rangers beat writers for the various local newspapers, but there was some nice stuff in this game. Several great defensive plays, including two guys thrown out at home.
You can tell we’re reaching the end of spring training. The same nine guys who started for the Rangers also finished. Even the pitching roster we sent out there seemed fairly normal. Mendoza went 5, Francisco went 1, Littleton went 2, and Rupe finished up and got the save. Which brings up another point. I’m starting to get mildly concerned that CJ Wilson has not yet appeared in any games lately. I know what the team is saying, but if he’s going to be the closer, he should be getting “A” work.
Speaking of “A” work, Michael Young seems in fine shape in terms of his stats. He went 3-3 yesterday, and raised his average to .388. Josh Hamilton, the darling of spring took an ofer, and his average dropped below .500. Jarrod Saltamacchia seems to have gotten it together a bit. He’s now batting .276 after going 2-3 on Sunday. Ben Broussard, who seemed in low gear for most of March is doing better. He’s now at .267.
A couple of other guys are not doing that great; and they’re on the roster. Milton Bradley, Marlon Byrd, & Frank Catalanotto are all under the Mendoza line. Not good for guys we’re counting on.
Luis Mendoza pitched well again which will be good if he remains in the starting rotation. Five shutout innings. Speaking of pitchers, I was quite surprised to see how young Tim Lincecum was. Good Lord, he looked like he belonged in High School. Given the comments that Tom & Josh had about him, I have to say that is not an uncommon remark.
In a fairly useless note that might make Rob Neyer proud, our 7/8/9 batters on Sunday may have set some sort of record for letters in their surnames combined. Between Catalanotto, Saltamacchia, & Broussard, that’s 32 letters. Not bad for the bottom part of the lineup. :)