ST23: Rangers weak offensively; lose 4-1 to Halos

Milton Bradley took to the field in an official Cactus League game for the first time (as DH), and went 0-4. Not exactly thrilling. Bradley is a decent enough hitter, so I’m not worried, but no matter WHO the player is, you never like seeing ofers.
Ben Broussard and Frank Catalanotto had the best of the Rangers offense this game. Ben had three hits, and Frank had two (one a double; the only ebh of the game). Problem with the game in general is those two guys were 50% of our hits. The Rangers were definitely shut down offensively in this one.
We did pick up a run in the third, but that was it. Funny thing is that one run held up for awhile, as the Angels didn’t score until the sixth.
Pitching was good in this game. Sydney Ponson went three innings, and gave up no runs and just three hits. Franklyn German threw a scoreless inning. Kam Loe, who seems to be regressing in general, went three innings, giving up four hits and a walk, allowing two runs. Robinson Tejeda, who continues to be the engima he was in Philly went 1.2 innings, giving up three hits and a walk, and the other two runs the Angels got. Elizardo Ramirez mopped up Tejeda’s final inning, getting the last out.
Jered Weaver looked like he was in fine season form. He went 6.1 innings, giving up seven hits and a walk; striking out six. He allowed just the one run. The Angels pen didn’t allow anything either.
Was a pretty decently pitched game all around, except for Loe and Tejeda (who weren’t godawful either, but not that great).