Strange Rules

In reading things leading up to Spring Training I ran across a couple of articles about some bizarre rules in baseball. Things you never would think of much, if at all. One is a “ground rule triple”, and one other one I thought was interesting was the 23 ways you can get a man on first base. Most are obvious, but some are fairly obscure. Here’s the list:

  1. walk
  2. intentional walk
  3. hit by pitch
  4. dropped 3rd strike
  5. failure to deliver pitch in 20 seconds
  6. catcher interference
  7. fielder interference
  8. spectator interference
  9. fan obstruction
  10. fair ball hits ump
  11. fair ball hits runner
  12. fielder obstructs runner
  13. pinch-runner
  14. fielder’s choice
  15. force out at another base
  16. preceding runner put-out allows batter to reach first
  17. sac bunt fails to advance runner
  18. sacrifice fly dropped
  19. runner called out on appeal
  20. error
  21. four illegal pitches
  22. single
  23. game suspended with runner on first, that player is traded prior to the makeup; new player is allowed to take his place

It does technically say Twenty-three ways to get a man (any man) on first base, which would cover things like pinch runner. Some of the others are the 16 ways a balk can be made, how to get six strikeouts in an inning, and how a pitcher can get a win without ever throwing a pitch.
These were a couple of good entries. I suggest you go read them. You can reach them here and here over at the “Hardball Times” website. Good stuff.