ST3: Rangers drop close one to Angels, 3-2

This was another spring training game I only superficially got to listen to. This was due to work concerns. Right now I’m in a rather large project that is getting close to winding down, so spending three hours listening to a baseball game only during work is not an option now.
I will say this. It was very nice to hear Victor Rojas & Eric Nadel back. One of the things I’ve always loved about Eric that you don’t hear with the overwhelming majority of announcers is how Eric describes things. The Rangers are wearing their blue warmups, with no names on the back, just numbers. The uniform has red striping down the sides, and… That kind of thing. He does that for the parks, too. On an audio only medium, it’s a very nice touch to have.
The Rangers again sent eight pitchers to the hill. Our starter (Matt Harrison) threw two innings. Nobody else had more than one. CJ Wilson’s inning was quite good. No hits, no runs, and two strikeouts.
Both teams did their scoring in bunches. Between both teams, there were 14 pitchers. Runs scored on just two of them. One on each side. For the Angels, their guy was “R Rodriguez”, who gave up three hits and two walks in his 1.1 innings of work; and of course the 2 runs the Rangers got. Which both came off the bat of Gerald Laird, who had a two run home run in the 5th). On the other side, our guy was Warner Madrigal, who gave up 3 hits and 1 walk in his lone inning of work. Unfortunately he also gave up the three earned runs the Angels got. Which included a home run, too.
Ian Kinsler continues to be hot in the early going, now batting .571 for the spring.
Next up is Vicente Pidente.