Juando in the Cards

ESPN writer Tim Kurkjian yesterday wrote an article about Juan Gonzalez’s comeback attempt with the Cardinals. It’s an interesting read. As a Rangers fan who remembers all the “stuff” he did (pointing at the official scorer, the HOF game/baggy pants thing/general moodiness), I wonder how well this will play in St. Louis.
The article says his swing was still there, being described as “long, smooth, georgeous”. I wonder if said swing is still susceptible to the low and away slider like it always was. When asked why he was attempting a comeback, he said this:

“I have goals in mind, I came back to finish those goals — 500 home runs is a goal [he has 434]. But the No. 1 reason I’m [in camp] is to make this team.”

It would be interesting to see him come back, because at his prime, he was someone I did like. It just seemed like there were too many “issues”, though. Be interesting to see if he’s back in the majors.