Barry Bonds

Well, Barry Bonds was indicted this afternoon. I think this surprises uh, nobody? I’m not going to get into all the fiasco of that situation. I almost don’t care at all. I just wanted to bring two pictures up to the top of the site since he was indicted today.
They’re pictures taken in Philadelphia in 2006 when Bonds played there. I know Philly fans have a bit of a “reputation”, but sometimes it’s perfect. Several of the fans in left field at a particular game had some rather inventive signs out there. One was having a ton of them hold up asterisk signs. That was funny.
The other was a multi section, really long banner (with Bonds standing in front of it for added flavor) that said, “Ruth did it on hot dogs and beer, Aaron did it with class, how did you do it?” Quite amusing. Check ’em out: