G135: Rangers hang on, beat Angels, 7-6

For some reason I always find it amusing when we win a game over an opponent by the same score they just beat us by the day before. I can’t explain that. :)
As this was September 1st, this means it’s time for callups. We brought up two guys, both of which would have likely been here anyway if it wasn’t for extenuating circumstances (injury, punishment). Neither is your classic “September callup”. These would be Hank Blalock, who was activated from the 60 day disabled list. He didn’t play in the game, but it was nice to see his name off the DL. Edinson Volquez was also brought up, and started the game.
Edinson had a few too many pitches (94 in 5 innings), but pitched well enough to get the win. In his five frames, Edinson gave up 7 hits, 2 walks, and three earned runs. Struck out four. Not dominating, but not really bad, either. I’m sure he’ll be in the mix for the starting rotation in 2008. Jamey Wright pitched well in relief. He’s been like Benoit in that regard. He’s pitched extremely well out of the pen, not so much as a starter. Wright went three scoreless innings and looked pretty decent. He gave way to Joaquin Benoit & CJ Wilson, who combined try to give the game to the Angels, but we hung on in the end.
One amusing note was Marlon Byrd. In one of the middle frames, a ball was popped up to him in center, and he completely lost it in the sun. When it finally came down, he had to twist out of the way to save himself from being bonked in the head. It was comical, but fortunately it didn’t cost any runs. Next time up though Byrd deposited a Dustin Moseley pitch into the bullpen, redeeming himself. That was the only home run the Rangers had this game. We did have three doubles (Byrd, Murphy, Wilkkkkkerson) and a triple (Kinsler). Byrd went 3-5, Kinsler was 2-3, and Salty was 2-4. A pretty nice offensive game.
Not a fan of our games on national TV, I much prefer our own guys. I wonder what Tom Grieve does on days like that? Play golf? :)
Michael Young Watch: 1-5. .304 average, 164 hits (36 to go in 26 games)