G123: Rangers dominated by Johan Santana, lose 1-0

Johan Santana. That was all you can say about this game. Santana just dominated the Rangers in every way possible. In eight innings, Johan gave up only two hits (both to Sammy Sosa), and struck out 17 batters, setting a new personal best, and a new Twins franchise record. It was totally dominating. Sosa actually almost tied the game, the pitch before he hit a double in the seventh he jacked a ball that just missed the left field foul pole by a couple of feet. It was mildly amusing to see closer Joe Nathan get booed for the 9th inning. I personally would have loved to have seen Santana go out there for the ninth, and if he gave up any kind of hit, then bring in Nathan. I would have loved to have seen Santana get 20 strikeouts. The way the Rangers were flailing up there, I thought it was a real possibility.
This all overshadowed a great pitching effort by Kevin Millwood. Millwood deserved to win this game the way he pitched. 7 innings, four hits, one run. Few too many walks (five), but you can’t argue with 7 innings, one run allowed. He’s been very good lately, and hopefully can carry this over into 2008.
But this game wasn’t about the Rangers, realy. This picture below sums it up, in my opinion.