G121: Rangers lose frustrating game to Twins, 2-1 in 10

You know, I enjoy great pitcher’s duels. In all honesty, that’s what this game was. Both Kason Gabbard and Carlos Silva pitched really well. Between the two of them, they combined for 13.2 innings, and combined gave up 10 hits and two earned runs. A pretty good pitcher’s duel. Even the pens were pretty well stacked in the stats categories. But as I’ve written about many times here, I’m no fan of extra inning games. I’m OK if we can get by inning #10, but when we lose extra inning games (which is a lot), it always seems to happen in the 10th. If we can get by that I feel better. It’s a bit irrational, I admit, but there it is.
Kason Gabbard pitched really well again, seemingly having no ill effects from the game he had to come out of early not too long ago. Kason went 6.2 innings, gave up five hits and one earned run. Walked three and struck out three. He deserved better than this. He left with the score tied, and I felt like he should have gotten the win, especially against Carlos Silva, who has historically (although not in recent vintage) been a pitcher that gets bombed a lot. The only real good moment was a towering majestic home run for Saltamacchia, his first in a Ranger uniform. Frank Catalanotto had three hits in this game, but none counted for anything. There were only three other hits in all total for the rest of the team, we were pretty much shut down.
As for the end of the game.. That’s what I get for thinking Jamey Wright had figured it out. The Twins won the game in the 10th on a “walkoff wild pitch” by Wright, allowing the winning run in. That brings up a silly statistical issue I have. The wild pitch technically counts as an unearned run. Screw that. It was the pitcher’s direct fault that the run scored by throwing it away. The rules need to be changed to make that an earned run. I don’t have the exact rulebook text in front of me, but I believe it says something along the lines of a run is unearned when it scores due to no fault of the pitcher. Feh – tell me the wild pitch wasn’t Jamey Wright’s fault – that should be an earned run.
A quick note to a big Red Sox fan of mine… How’s that Gagne trade workin’ out for ya right now? ;)


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