G116: Rangers totally dominated by Edwin Jackson, lose 3-0

I was at this game. I will say this for it. It was a very fast moving game. Done in two hours fourteen minutes. The reason for that was Edwin Jackson. The Tampa Bay starter was frickin fantastic – throwing a complete game four hit shutout. It’s odd as Jackson was something like 2-11 with an ERA of 6.50 coming into this game, and then he does that. Granted, he’s one of those pitchers we’ve seen wear the Ranger uniform with a ton of promise, and no delivery on said promise. Every once in awhile those guys will uncork a real gem; it was a shame it was against us.
The reason I was at this game was the Rusty Greer ceremonies. And as has been mentioned elsewhere, Nelson Cruz did a great Greer impression with two all out dives in right field mimicking the former red haired left fielder who manned this park for many a year. It was a nice touch.
John Rheinecker took the hill for the Rangers, and didn’t pitch bad. Six innings, three earned runs, six strikeouts, and one walk. He was beat out by Jackson, that’s for sure – it’s the only way to explain that. Jamey Wright and AJ Murray followed up, not allowing any more runs, but just the first one was enough the way Jackson was pitching. :)