G110: Rangers & Eyre blow it early, lose to Jays, 9-5

I wonder if Alex Rodriguez’s 500th or Barry Bonds’ 755th got our boys to forget about this mess any easier.
This was another game my TiVo blew it on (I need to check my settings), and when I turned it on about one hour after the game started, I figured they’d be into the fourth. They were just starting the second. And we were already losing 6-1. Oh well, time to head back to the Xbox for some more “The Bigs”.
The Rangers site’s story on this game has the headline “Eyre can’t stop bleeding for Rangers in loss”. They’re right. From what I see from the recap, it was a mess. Look at this:
– R. Johnson singled to shortstop
– L. Overbay walked, R. Johnson to second
– A. Rios doubled to left, R. Johnson scored, L. Overbay to third
– V. Wells doubled to deep left, L. Overbay scored, A. Rios to third
– F. Thomas homered to deep left center, V. Wells and A. Rios scored
– T. Glaus walked
– A. Hill flied out to center
– G. Zaun singled to deep center, T. Glaus to third
– J. McDonald sacrificed to pitcher, T. Glaus scored, G. Zaun to second
– R. Johnson struck out swinging
All in the first inning. Bleargh. Eyre’s overall line was just atrocious. 2.1 innings, six hits, seven earned runs, two walks, two strikeouts, and two home runs. And they said they pitched him because they thought he’d do better than Mike Wood, who didn’t arrive until really late at night and was tired with short rest. I can’t imagine it being a whole lot worse. Actually, I can, but I tell myself that so it’s not as bad. AJ Murray gave up the other two runs in his 2.1 innings of work. Littleton & Francisco followed, and did stop the bleeding, but it was done.
Offensively we weren’t too bad, with eleven hits (one double, one triple, one home run, eight singles). But with two home runs by Frank Thomas, and the early lead, this one was over immediately, really.