G98: Rangers lose finale to Indians, 8-3

Looking a lot like the pitcher that the Phillies gave up on and shipped to Texas, and NOT like the pitcher that the Phillies threw against Texas a few seasons ago, Robinson Tejeda took the hill on Sunday night in the finale of the series against the Indians. He was not particularly good. Robinson went five innings, giving up 5 hits and five walks. He also gave up five runs (3 earned), and struck out four. I know we’re trying to stick with guys to let them learn, but he’s had 46 major league starts in his career with Philadelphia & Texas. One would think he’d be a little more consistent by now.
Willie Eyre was nothing much to write home about, either. He went two innings, giving up five hits and a walk, and three earned runs. Blech. His ERA (4.33) isn’t that horrendous, but I can’t say I feel very confident when he takes the hill.
Offensively, we had just seven hits this game; three of them by Marlon Byrd. Byrd certainly seems to have played himself into the Rangers long term plans, assuming he can keep up most of his current pace. I don’t think anyone expects him to bat around .370 all the time, but he hasn’t embarrassed himself offensively or defensively. Odd that I started this story talking about a failing former Phillies player, and now talking about a failed Phillies player who is seemingly making it here.
Gerald Laird was hit in the hand with a pitch, and it didn’t look pleasant on television. Hopefully it’s not something bad which will require a DL stay. We all know what happened to Laird the last time he went on the DL. Barajas, eh?
Lost the series to the Indians 3-1. That wasn’t fun.