G97: Rangers win against Indians, 8-5

I didn’t see much of this game, because I was busy feeling sad for myself. My computer at home broke yesterday. It’s a doorstop now. Because of that, I had to go buy a new one, and I wasn’t in the mood to watch baseball – I was playing a new football game on my Xbox 360.
However, I did see the first inning, where the Rangers jumped all over Cliff Lee. We scored five in the bottom of the first on a bunch of hits that never seemed to stop coming. In all that frame were three singles and three doubles. And then we only got three more hits the entire rest of the game. One big one was a triple by Marlon Byrd in the bottom of the seventh (which I also saw when flipping by between games) that gave us a more comfortable lead after the Indians had crept back into the game during the last few frames.
Jamey Wright didn’t give up a lot of runs in his performance (3 total, only 1 earned), but he had an obscene pitch count – was at 82 after just 3.1 innings. Way way WAY too much. Of course, his giving up six walks (!) might explain that.
Interesting that two players most folks expected to be out of here (Sosa, Gagne) both came out publicly saying that they wanted to stay here. Read there’s talk of an extension for Gagne. I wouldn’t be opposed to that, assuming he stayed healthy.