G90: Rangers drop second in a row to Angels, 9-5

Well, there’s a little dose of reality. I don’t think anyone thought Kam Loe was as totally dominating a pitcher has he showed since his “return” as his numbers had shown. Nor did I think he was a horrendous as he was early in the season. I do think he was better than this, however.
I didn’t get to see the game (as I have some family in from out of town now), but his line was 2.2IP, 3 earned runs (plus two more unearned ones), 5 hits, and worst of all 5 walks. Blech. That’s 10 “bases” given out in 2.2IP. OK, maybe it wasn’t that great, but I guess my first look missed the walks. If he does this again, we need to send him to AAA for a throwing session. :)
The pen wasn’t that great either. Only CJ Wilson escaped unscathed. The other three (Eyre, Littleton, Francisco) all gave up something.
We had a chance to get John Lackey out early, he was horrendous in the first inning, throwing something like 42-45 pitches. That was the only part of the game I got to see. We did score three in the first, which was good, but I think we left the bases loaded, or with two on, and with a chance to score more and get Lackey out early. Let him off the hook. Kind of figured when we did that, we’d probably lose.
Kenny Lofton continues to play extremely well, going 3-5 with two doubles, and scoring twice. Heck, even Sammy Sosa got a triple in this game. Our offense wasn’t too bad tonight, this one was our pitching letting us down. As common as that sounds to long time Ranger fans, the extremely recent vintage Rangers haven’t been guilty of that.