G89: Rangers open up second half with frustrating loss, 2-1

This was a good old fashioned pitcher’s duel.
Kevin Millwood tossed seven innings, giving up just one run on five hits and three walks. There were also two double plays turned by Rangers defense this day.
Kelvim Escobar went eight innings, giving up just one run on six hits and one walk. The Angels turned one double play.
And what did we do with that? Pissed it away on a walkoff loss in the bottom of the ninth to the Angels. At least Millwood has apparently overcome his slow start and has become seemingly the pitcher he was in his year in Cleveland.
Lofton continues to play well at the top of the lineup. I liked the guy a lot. But I can’t see him having any value here past July other than mentor, which we probably don’t really need. Hopefully he goes somewhere where he can win in 2007.
Also, does anyone believe for a minute the stuff that Mike Ogulnick has been pushing about Kevin Millwood being a player to be traded before the deadline? I can’t see us doing that. Besides, doesn’t he have a no trade?