G88: Rangers finish off first half with 2-1 win

This was a great win. This club is playing very well lately, and as I’ve said a few times already recently, it’s a shame it wasn’t like this out of the gate, I’m sure we wouldn’t be talking about moving a bunch of our players.
Anyway, Kevin Millwood is pitching like Kenny Rogers did after he had that rib removed. Millwood had his fifth straight good outing, is pitching like he should be. Kevin went 6 innings today, giving up just one run on five hits. Few too many walks still (three), but the overall line was pretty good. Our relievers were quite good too. Pitched 3 innings of shutout ball on just two hits.
Offensively, this game belonged to Kenny Lofton. Kenny was on base all four times he was up. Two walks, and two hits. He walked to start off the game, and scored on a Marlon Byrd RBI. This tied the game at 1-1 in the first. That was it until the bottom of the sixth when Kenny jacked a Daniel Cabrera pitch a few rows back in right field. Kenny scored both runs we got today, and that’s all we needed due to the pitching we got. Quite amazing, this recent stretch of good pitching.
It almost makes you not want to get Vicente Padilla back, eh? :)
Anyway, we go into the break with a 38-50 record. Not good. But, it could have been a heck of a lot worse had it not been for the recent hot streak. We’re still 12 games under .500, but if we can continue the streak we’re on, getting back to .500 shouldn’t be a problem. Playoffs are I think out of the question realistically, but I don’t think .500 is.
Also, the more I think about it, the more I’m irritated with the Teixeira quote about “fun conversations” with Baltimore. What a twonk.