G82: Rangers lose finale of road trip, 7-2 to Red Sox

My fears of us becoming the Phillies South have been realized. We have the following players on our 40 man roster who were former Phillies:
Kevin Millwood
Vicente Padilla
Robinson Tejeda
Marlon Byrd
Desi Relaford
Desi Relaford. Wretch. Haven’t we had enough from this pile of players: D’Angelo Jimenez, Esteban German, Manny Alexander, Doug Glanville, Donnie Sadler, Calvin Murray, Jason Romano, Kelly Dransfeldt, Scarborough Green, Randy Knorr, Rob Sasser, Mark Sagmoen, Craig Worthington, Jack Voigt.. Do I need to go on? Why is Relaford here? Gahhhh!
Anyway, about this game. Michael Young is the only one of our starting infield not to go on the disabled list with Ian Kinsler’s landing there today. He’s going to be out for awhile, which means he’ll come back for September. Oh well. This season has been a serious bout of the disabled list. It feels like everyone has been on it at one point or another. Kinsler’s landing on the DL paved the way for Brandon McCarthy to come back from the DL (early) to make tonight’s start. He probably should have gotten his final rehab start. It’s a shame as McCarthy was our most consistent starter when he went down. Hopefully it won’t take long for him to regain his form, and to keep the blister from returning.
Boston starter Kason Gabbard (who??) made only one real mistake. It was a three run home run to Brad Wilkkkkkerson in the fifth. Other than that, the Sox staff was pretty decent. Gabbard did allow four walks in addition to the three hits he surrendered. The remaining sox relievers combined for two hits over 3.1IP. Not bad. In fact, other than the home run to Wil-K, there were two singles (Young, Laird), and two doubles (Byrd, Metcalf). Not a lot of offense on this night.
McCarthy was nowhere near as close. He gave up 6 hits and three walks in his 3.2IP. Willie Eyre, who doesn’t have a bad overall ERA, but in my eyes never seems to pitch well, went 3.1IP, and gave up 3 three hits and FIVE walks. That’s 8 walks in seven innings. Bleargh! At least Jack Benoit came in and struck out the side in the eighth. That’s something I suppose.
We get out of Boston with a series split. We also took 2 out of 3 in Detroit, so that’s a 4-3 roadtrip against teams that are division leaders, and not weak division leaders either. They were decent teams. We’re not ready for the playoffs or anything as bizarre as that, but a 4-3 road trip against these teams is something I think any Rangers fan will take.


  1. debily says

    I agree, Joe. If Rangers management is concerned about keeping their fan base, they’re not going to help their cause by bringing in so-called “players” like Relaford. While he wasn’t the reason we lost the game last night, I can say he didn’t show me anything I could get excited about.
    Besides poor pitching, we had poor defense as well which allowed 2 of the Red Sox runs to score.

  2. says

    I did like Scarborough Green. Anyone that can beat the pitch home from third can play on my team. While Green has not done much lately, kind of reminds me of Fernando Tatis. We trade him and he hits two grand slams in one inning. A record that will never be broken.