G106: Rangers pitch well, beat Indians 3-1

After the disaster that was the last game in Kansas City, one wonders how many Ranger fans were more looking forward to the trade news of the day than the team actually playing a game and losing. Especially against Cleveland starter Fausto Carmona. Mr. Carmona has been lights out this year, going 13-5 (after this game), and just generally being an awesome young starting pitcher.
McCarthy has been unstable at best, and I don’t think 2007 Rangers fans know what they’re getting each time he goes out there. So it was some surprise to most I’d wager that Brandon pitched as well as he did. His overall line was 6.2 innings pitched, four hits, three walks, and one earned run. The earned run was a solo home run to Ryan Garko in the seventh. Josh Lewin had just made a point that McCarthy hadn’t pitched this far in a game this season so far. Don’t blame him, but McCarthy seemed to be running out of gas in the seventh, and couldn’t seal the deal. Frank Francisco came in and put out that small fire. Heck, CJ Wilson, who got the save tonight was also lights out. 1.2 IP, 0H, 0R, 0BB, 2K. A great night for Rangers pitchers. McCarthy even got into things in the fourth on a wild pitch that he was able to get back to the plate on and tag out the runner trying to score – which at that point preserved his shutout.
Carmona didn’t do too bad himself. He went 7 innings, giving up five hits and one walk. He allowed three runs (two earned on a call that should have been a hit all the way). He probably would have gotten the win most nights with that line, but tonight he was beat by Brandon McCarthy.
Nice to see Saltalamacchia turn up in the dugout during the game. The bit about him and Hank Blalock and their kids’ names tattoos was fun to watch. Salt is probably playing tomorrow’s game. That’ll be worth looking out for.
Bottom line, an extremely well pitched game, on a day when we took inbound several good pitching prospects via trade. Makes you wonder just what the heck in the world we were doing in Kansas City?!?