G103: Rangers lose to Royals, 6-1

You know as I started watching this game, I thought “Oh, it’s Jamey Wright, this won’t be so bad”. What a fool I was! I was duped into believing that the guy wearing #45 lately was a great pitcher. His recent performances had me believing that he was someone to trust. I should have known. This was the Jamey Wright we knew and loved before he signed here. The one that caused me to contemplate blinding myself with knitting needles when he made the 25 man roster. ;) OK, that’s an exaggeration taht fooled nobody. But it wasn’t something I was thrilled when when the Rangers did it. Tonight wasn’t good. 6.2 innings pitched, ten hits, four walks, and five earned runs. Three of them came in the first on a home run to Butler. It was at that moment I sort of wrote the opening bit for this entry. We never recovered.
Brian Bannister tossed a gem against us. Seven shutout innings on four hits and two walks. Not much else to say, the kid was good.
The only offense we got was a Sammy Sosa home run into the grass in left off of Joaquim Soria in the 8th. That was it. Sosa also had a single, as did Mike Young, Mark Teixeira, & Brad Wilkerson – but that was it for our offense, aside from the couple of walks. We had nothing.
The old problem with being unable to win in Kansas City isn’t still with us, is it?