G102: Rangers sweep Mariners behind 7-6 game

It’s been awhile since I’ve used this graphic, and even longer for a four game sweep. But it was needed, as the Rangers finished off the Seattle Mariners who have now dropped six in a row. I didn’t see any of this game, because I had gotten a new computer, and had the game on via MLB.com’s gameday.
Anyway, Brandon McCarthy had another “eh” outing. Five innings, three earned runs. Only one walk, which was good, but eight hits, which was not. Pitch count was too high again. 100 pitches in five innings. That’s gotta be better. That (to me) seems to be McCarthy’s biggest fault. Too high a pitch count. Other than that, he’s good enough now to battle through. He just burns out too fast, due to nibbling/balls/walks/etc…
Our pen also fit the “eh”. Eye/Francisco/Benoit went a combined four innings, giving up seven hits and three earned runs. Only one walk by them too (Eyre), which was a good thing.
Offensively we had five doubles this game by five different players. But the big shot was a two run home run by Ramon Vazquez in the bottom of the 8th.
Can’t think of anything particularly earth shattering to say about this game except that it was quite nice to take a four game sweep. :)