Where have you gone Mark Clark?

You know, I keep bringing up the name Mark Clark on my site here as one of the worst starting pitchers we’ve had in recent vintage. I decided to actually check on his numbers, and how they compare to the 2007 Rangers. It looks like I might need to make one of these guys my new “Mark Clark” on the site before too long.

Check out this comparison between the two seasons Mark Clark pitched with us, and the stats of the 2007 Rangers to date. The number of starts is actually quite similar. Clark pitched some relief in 2000, as did Loe & McCarthy in 07, those stats are accounted for in the overall ERA and WHIP numbers, I don’t know a way short of manually calculating based on old box scores to extricate the relief numbers from the overall numbers.

Name Starts Record ERA WHIP
Mark Clark 1999 15 3-7 8.60 1.84
Mark Clark 2000 8 3-5 7.98 2.04
Kevin Millwood 10 2-6 7.82 1.94
Vicente Padilla 13 2-8 6.28 1.68
Robinson Tejeda 13 5-7 6.49 1.56
Brandon McCarthy 11 4-4 5.90 1.57
Kameron Loe 10 1-6 7.40 1.67

That was far worse than I anticipated. Technically Mark Clark has worse numbers, but man – after looking at the actual numbers it looks like we have close to five Mark Clark’s in our rotation in 2007. Heck, Mark Clark would feel right at home this year, our numbers are just as bad as his was with us. To look back, here are my comments from when we signed Mark Clark, and from when we released him. I had forgotten how much I wanted to like him when we signed him.

Which one of our current guys would you nominate as the new “whipping boy” for my blog to represent everything that is wrong with Texas Rangers starting pitching?