G80: Dewey defeats Truman 5-4

This was another one of those matchups that by just the starting pitchers, we lost. Robinson “Mr. mostly bad” Tejeda vs Josh “Mr 20 wins” Beckett. No had no business winning this game, yet we did. Although it was really not due to Tejeda. Usually when I write about these expected blowouts against us that we win, it’s down to the starter say giving up one run over 7.2IP on 3 hits. That kind of thing.
That was not the case here. Tejeda stunk up the joint again, going four innings, giving up four earned runs on five hits and SIX walks. Ugh. In fact, the first two batters of the game walked for Boston. They both scored. In the second, Tejeda tried a different tactic. Instead of walking guys and smallballing the runs in, he gave up a triple and then a home run. He did hang around for another two innings after that, not giving up any more runs, but the damage was done. 101 pitches over four innings is horrible. Had to get him out. Our pen was good again, going five innings (over four pitchers), and allowing no runs on three hits and one walk.
The Rangers offense came alive in the fourth. Three straight singles brought home Sammy Sosa, and then a Brad Wilkkkkkkkerson double scored two more. Two more singles gave us our forth, tying the four runs that Tejeda gave up earlier.
This was followed in the fifth inning by career home run number 602 for Sammy Sosa. That gave us the lead, and the win, as there was no more scoring after that.
Nice to see a comeback win against the team with the best record in the league, and also on the road like that.