G79: Rangers lose second in a row, 2-1 to Red Sox

Well, Jamey Wright didn’t do too horrendously bad this game. I’m no fan of his, but this wasn’t a stinker. Nothing to write home about (5IP, 6H, 3BB, 2ER), but nothing awesome. Thing is, though he pitched well enough to win. He did not.
He was matched up against Tim Wakefield. As I’ve said many times before, Wakefield either will totally shut you down, or you’ll score 10 runs off him in the first; there appears to be no middle ground. Tonight was one of the former. Wakefield went 6.2 innings, giving up 7 hits and four walks, but just one earned run. He was however victimized by Kenny Lofton, who was everything you want from a leadoff hitter, going 4-4 and a walk. Unfortunately, none of it counted for anything, as Kenny never scored.
Both bullpens threw three guys out there, but the Boston pen was just slightly better, giving up just one hit in their combined 2.1 innings of work. Texas’ pen allowed two hits in their three innings of work. Both sides had a combined one walk each. Boston struck out more guys though, k’ing 4 in all, and Texas k’d two. Not bad on either side, really. Although Boston won in the “number of letters in the surname” department. Their three guys had a combined 24 letters in their surnames; Texas only had 21. Yeah, OK, I’m tired (it’s 1:15AM as I write this), and those are the kinds of things you think of when trying to do summaries instead of sleeping.
A loss is never something you want, but 2-1 losses mean you are pitching well, and I’ll take my chances giving up just two runs every game.