G78: Rangers lose finale 5-2, take series though

For the first four innings, this was a pretty decently pitched game. I was able to listen at work, and things were going well. Then karma stepped in and messed with that. I had to get up from my desk and go do work elsewhere in the office. When I came back, the Rangers were down 3-0. They did get one back, but then gave the Tigers two more. This wasn’t our game.
Kevin Millwood pitched “OK”. I was going to give him higher grades than that even though he technically had a quality start. But when you walk six guys in six innings (in addition to five hits), I’m not sure how you can really call that a great outing, or even a quality start for that matter. He did strike out six which was good, but man. Six walks.
Scott Feldman followed him up and walked three more. That’s nine walks in 7.1 innings. No way are you winning the game with that many free passes. Feldman actually only gave up one hit, but his two earned runs came on a Gary Sheffield home run, which immediately followed a pitch from Feldman that went behind Sheffield. Ron Mahay came on and stopped teh bleeding, but it was too late.
Kenny Rogers went against us, making his first home start of 2007. Hands up those of you who thought the two year contract Detroit gave Kenny would have worked out well, and that Kenny would be in line to probably get a similar style contract provided he pitches well the rest of the way out here? Is that a long enough runon sentence? Kenny went six innings, giving up just one run on four hits and a walk. Pretty nice outing. We did get a run against reliever Chad Durbin too, but just two runs was not cutting it this game. I again point out the 9 walks the Rangers gave up.
In all the Rangers had seven hits, but no player had more than one. We had three doubles (Kinsler, Lofton, Hairston), and the rest were singles. Not a bunch going on against Detroit this day.
We get out of there taking the series 2-1. Obviously we don’t know what would have happened had we played all four, but I’ll take a series win against the defending AL Champions any day. Especially when they’re still in first place, and that kind of win means something.