G74: Rangers take Silver Boot by beating Astros, 7-2

Well, I can’t say I was thrilled at seeing Jamey Wright back in the starting rotation. But I cannot argue with the results. He went 3.2 innings before allowing his first hit, and only allowed three overall in his 5.2 innings of work. He allowed two earned runs, the only runs the Astros got all game. He did walk six though, which is not very good, but managed to get around it.
Who would have guessed that when they saw Jamey Wright vs Roy Oswalt in the game previews? I mean honestly – who thought we were winning this? But it worked. I’m almost stunned.
Oswalt was beat up by his usual standards against the Rangers. While technically a quality start, Oswalt usually is much more stingier with the Rangers. He went 6.1 innings, giving up 8 hits and 4 walks, while striking out 2. Was a positively pedestrian performance by him.
The Houston bullpen gave up a bunch – In the 1.2 ip the three relivers went, they each gave up at least one run (total of 4). The Texas bullpen was darn near perfect. Of the four Texas relievers (Francisco, Wilson, Otsuka, Gagne), only one gave up any hits or walks. That was Francisco, who gave up one walk, and one hit, but NO runs. In fact, the other three WERE perfect. Was a nice performance by our bullpen.
Tomorrow we go for the sweep.