G72: Rangers walk off with win, 6-5

I’m actually writing this at 5:30PM the day after the game, when I realized I forgot to write something, so I’m not going to have a lot to say. Just a few random remarks.
I think the thing that most people will want to remember is Frank Catalanotto’s walk off hit. As bad as this season has gone, we need a few like this. It was great.
Kenny Lofton’s evading of being caught in a rundown was quite impressive. You knew that once he escaped that, something good was coming from it. :)
We’ve now won 5 out of the last 7 games. That’s pretty impressive given how horrible we have started. Now I hold no illusions on the outcome of the season overall, but it’s nice to have a GOOD stat to point to.
Padilla still doesn’t look good. Blech.
Couple of more home runs – one from Victor Diaz and one from Adam Melhuse. Melhuse is probably a good acquisition for backup catcher. Probably better than what we had before, anyway.
Nice to see Ron Washington nominated to the All-Star game coaching staff. Guess that means there will be two Ranger uniforms in San Francisco in July, as our players haven’t really earned it; we’ll get the minimum one.
Sosa didn’t play. I wonder how much he celebrated the night before. :)