G65: Rangers look sad in losing to Pirates, 8-1

I’m running out of ways to describe how inept this team looks. But hey, Frank Catalanotto went 2-3 and raised his average to .188 – HERE WE COME!
Makes you wish for the days of the inaugural Texas Rangers team in 1972. Our starting rotation then was:
Dick Bosman
Rich Hand
Pete Broberg
Bill Gogolewski
Don Stanhouse
Mike Paul
If you look up their records, the best win/loss record was either Dick Bosman at 8-10. But the WORST ERA of any of them was Pete Broberg at 4.29. That’s about a point and a half better than the lowest starting ERA of the 2007 edition of the Rangers (McCarthy at 5.90).
But remember, Pete Broberg was our pitching hope for the future!
I can’t think of any reason to write about the actual game on Wednesday evening at all.