G64: Rangers lose frustrating game to Pirates, 7-5

Someone in the local DFW media (I can’t remember who – TV guy, newspaper, blogger) said “Well, the schedule is looking easy for the next two weeks”. That was a stupid thing to say. This is the 2007 Texas Rangers. Nothing is easy. Unless we could play ourselves, in which case we’d have the best record in baseball.
I’ve been to a few games at PNC Park – it really is as gorgeous as it looks on TV. Too bad the team has been historically bad the last 10-15 years or so. If you’re ever in the area, you really should try to go. The place is really REALLY nice. Honestly.
Anyway, our troubles in this game can be boiled down to Kevin Millwood’s bad pitching, and our own bad luck. We hit into I believe five double plays, including one in the ninth, when we appeared to have some momentum building towards a comeback. We also got screwed in one inning when Sammy Sosa made a major blunder on the basepaths. He should have scored, and we would have had second and third with no out. After that move, we had bases loaded and no outs, and couldn’t score. That was not a brilliant maneuver. Sosa did have a decent night with the stick though, going 2-3 with a double and a couple of RBI’s.
But Kevin Millwood went 4.1 innings, giving up 5ER (6 in all) on 8 hits and two walks. Not good. His season ERA is 7.82. Wow. I mean YIKES! We’ve always had the running gag that our pitching is horrible, but even Mark Clark wasn’t this bad.
We did have some action late, though. We got a run in the 8th, and then two in the ninth when it seemed we were going to double our way to a win. Kinsler had a double, then Brad Wilkerson had another, driving in Kinsler. Adam Melhuse stepped up, and hit a ball off the wall which should have been a double, but it was hit so hard, he was held to a single. It’s too bad as the next batter was Ramon Vazquez, who hit a ball off the bat that looked like a double, but it went right into the glove of Pittsburgh’s first baseman, and Melhuse was a dead duck. That was a deflater play – whatever momentum we had hitting around the Pittsburgh relievers in the ninth was gone.
We lost. Again.
When is Botts coming up again?
Oh, and all this talk around town the last few days about Washington being run out of town. Come on folks – give it a rest. This is not Jerry Jones’ team. You don’t run people out of town after half a season. They have to be given a chance to do something – one year is not enough. Even two isn’t – to me you need three. I hope we don’t run Daniels & Washington out of town – that kind of knee jerk crap is what Jerry Jones would do. If we do that, I give up. There will be no pleasing Ranger fans. You have to stay the course. Go watch Cowboys games if you want to run these guys out of town now. That opinion is a disgrace.